We know what we are doing.

This translates to enhanced productivity and quality as well as saving time and money.

Sampo designs the machine – Pasi gives it intelligence. IoT and digital are no abstract ideas for us.

PASI has vast experience in automation design underground, aboveground and in ports. His specialty is designing machines for demanding environments where ease of use, monitoring and predicting maintenance needs is critical. SAMPO is a master of mechanic design and fabrication as well as procurement and quality control.

We have plenty of experience from the factory floor

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Pasi’s and Sampo’s practical work experience ensures that the designs are easy to fabricate and use. And that lowers the cost of the final product.

They say that engineers want to leave their own mark in designs. So do we. Our mark is a machine that works, is optimized for fabrication and dependable day in, day out.

We take pride in our work, which manifests itself in productive and responsible operation.

Our 7 cornerstones are: knowledge, skill, features, precision, functionality, safety and cost effectiveness.